Interview: Scott Campbell

Die Aquarelle und Comics von Scott Campbell sind von einem liebevoll feinen, nie aufdringlichen Humor durchzogen und stecken, insbesondere in der Reihe Home Slice, voller wunderbarer Details, die es zu erforschen gilt.

Gerade aufgrund dieser Detailfreudigkeit lohnt es sich sehr, Scott Campbell’s Flickr-Stream zu besuchen, um dort die Bilder in grösstmöglicher Auflösung zu sehen.

The Past

I have always drawn and painted growing up.


Diskursdisko: Hi Scott. To start things off, what’s your background? When did you start painting?

Scott Campbell: I went to art school in San Francisco to study illustration, specifically comic and children’s book illustration.

But I have always drawn and painted growing up. Though my materials changed from crayons to markers to pencils to pastels…  and so on…

I got really into painting in oils in school. I didn’t get super into watercolors until about 4 years ago. That’s when I really starting getting into gallery shows and having a reason to create paintings. I’ve been doing comics for about 9 years or so..

The Art

I always liked creating funny things. And I always liked to tell funny stories.

3621219383_2ea3a8cda7_oDiskursdisko: How do you mainly produce your art?

Scott Campbell: I use watercolors on watercolor paper. I sketch ideas with pencils onto zerox paper and then I scan them in and piece the ideas together in Photoshop. Print them out and just watercolor them.

Diskursdisko: What inspires you?

Scott Campbell: People.  Movies. Conversations. Books. Galleries. Trees. The sun. Dogs running around. Good smells.

Diskursdisko: Much of your artwork is in a very playful style, reminding me of kids picture books, except that they’re also for grownups – how did you develop this style?

Scott Campbell: After college, I struggled with what my style was. I always liked creating funny things. And I always liked to tell funny stories. I used to just paint crazy characters sitting there, but I started having more fun when I put them in interesting situations or moments of time.

The first experiment with this was in a show in like 1999 where I drew about 100 little situations on post-it notes and pasted them onto a board. Each depicted a moment where all the people were tongue-tied in the scene.No one knew what to say or had anything to say. That was a fun process coming up with those. I wanted to do that more.


Diskursdisko: You recently exhibited at Gallery Nucleus. Can you tell us a bit about how you came up with the idea for “Home Slice”? It certainly is an intriguing concept…

Scott Campbell: When I was a kid I used to enjoy drawing underground civilizations. There was a book about trolls that I think I checked out everyday from the library that had cutaway trees where these little dudes lived.  I loved to look at this book because I wanted to live in these little spots.

I think a majority of kids had some version of this that they drew. Whether in a submarine or in a shoe. So I wanted to explore where so many of these weird characters might live. Like mummies and knights, and cavemen…

Where do they live? What do they do in there?  do they have arcade games in there?  Toilets? Of course they have those things…  so I wanted to see them and have people explore them. Also I had three full sized puppets made for the show that are amazing!  They are in an area where people can actually meet them and say hi if they visit the gallery.


The Web

I am always discovering new blogs that get me psyched.

3571780048_cce89b74f2_oDiskursdisko: You’ve obviously got your Flickr stream and blog, any other presences on the web you’d like to publicize? Social networking?

Scott Campbell: I’m on MySpace and Facebook, but I don’ know how to link to that. And I do dailyish comics at DoubleFine . OH, and I just got on twitter. But I don’t know how that is going to go. We’ll see.

Diskursdisko: As you use the internet to showcase your art, are there any other websites you feel have influenced you, opened your mind or shown you new ways of creating art?

3622035928_d6e4cc0614_oScott Campbell: I absolutely LOVE Drawn! And I check them out all the time. Very inspiring stuff they find. Besides that I just check out blogs that artists  post their work on. I am always discovering new blogs that get me psyched. Or people send me new stuff. I like watching Channel 101 too.

Diskursdisko: Of all the work you’ve created, or at least the ones showcased on your flickr, can you name a couple that you have a special love for or connection to?

Scott Campbell: I feel very connected to my Cult Tree piece. I had so much fun working on that one because it depicted all of my favorite characters from my favorite movies through time! I loved reliving those memories. I also very much enjoyed creating the dinosaur house for the Home Slice show. The one where all the cavemen live. I think that one turned out super nice and relaxing. OH, and the 8bit showdowns make me feel super great. Because they are of old video games that I loved.


The Future

I would like to create puppet shows that people can see and understand how the worlds might work and sound in my paintings.

Diskursdisko: Do you have any specific plans for the future direction of your artwork?

Scott Campbell: I would like to explore longer stories from my work. Like graphic novels and books. And also to somehow create gallery spaces where people can get more involved with the art. And create puppet shows that people can see and understand how the worlds might work and sound in my paintings.

Diskursdisko: Scott, many thanks for the interview – is there anything you’d like to add?

Scott Campbell: You are super welcome! I have enjoyed it! I would like to add that summer is here everyone, so get ready to spread out the picnic blankets outside and eat sandwiches!


Vincent Wilkie hat diesen tollen Beitrag verfasst. In seiner Freizeit ist er Musiker, Webdesigner und DJ.

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